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TammyBears in the News Media and Print.

Since 1999 TammyBears has been filling Hearts and Homes with beloved memory bears as well as fur-loved pet memorials. Over the years TammyBears has been featured on television media and published in numerous national and international magazines spanning over two decades.  

Bear with Hope

Baer with Hope is a book I wrote and compiled about finding and creating hope, even in the midst of trials and difficult circumstances. 

Although the book is no longer in print, it can still be found on third party resources such as Amazon or eBay. Please sign up below for the Bear with Hope Messages (found at the bottom of the page) to receive page posts, as I expect to have a shortened and revised edition of the book posted online available for all to freely read who may be in need of some encouraging and comforting words. 

Bear with Hope book review.

Featured Television and Publications

Oklahoma News 6,  Tulsa World, The Oklahoman, Teddy Bear and Friends, Doll Castle News, News Channel 4 “Is this a Great State or What”, It’s All Good with Robin Spizman on Atlanta Live and Company, and much more! 

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