Memory Keepsakes

Memory Bears & Keepsakes

TammyBears transforms your sentimental clothing or any special material-such as fabric from a favorite chair, leather jacket, pillow, or quilts and curtains into an heirloom memorial teddy bear. In addition to memorial teddy bears, I offer memory pillows from shirts, memory blankets and sachets or ornaments to treasure and give as remembrance keepsakes for yourself or extended family and closest friends. Any sentimental item that connects you to your loved one- a shirt, robe, dress, jean or jacket, I can help preserve it in a special way.

Memory pillow made from shirt and memorial teddy bear.

The pictures presented are to show an idea of the quality, personalization and heart put into each and every memory bear and keepsake. There is little room for error with your cherished belongings, from the pattern design and first cut to the finishing bow or button, I am committed to bringing you happy and hopeful teddy bears, memory pillows from shirts or other sentimental clothing, and lap blankets.

Crafting Keepsakes of Comfort

Keepsake memorial teddy bears and pillows from shirts or other clothing are thoughtfully detailed and custom made especially for you in memory of your loved one.
Creating keepsakes and memory bears from loved one’s clothing that provide comfort, hope and love has been my purpose since 1999. Custom designs with hearts, buttons, bows, incorporating one or more of your special garments.

Two memorial teddy bears and small memory pillows made from made from green wool.

Memory Bears from Clothing

Measurement in standing height
Small to extra large sizes available.
10"/ ​12"/15"/18"
(excludes leather, quilted, satin, or other specialty fabric)
Memory pillow made from shirts and suspenders.

Pillows from Shirts and More

Large Shirt Pillows~ $50
Custom pillows~ $25-$40
Sachets/Ornaments~ $12
Other custom sizes/designs available Sizes and styles vary-sachets, ornaments, custom designed pillows, gifting pillows, and memory shirt pillows.
Contact me for more details.
memory blanket made from shirts.

Lap Blankets & Throws

Approximately 36"x40"
Crafted from your memory clothing and a soft cozy micro-plush on the underneath. Carefully stitched complete with border.
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